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Aka ms remoteconnect: Are you unable to sign in to your Microsoft account to play Minecraft games? If you are facing an error aka ms remoteconnect error while joining Minecraft using your Microsoft account.

So, this article will be helpful to you. We will tell you about https// Error, Reasons for this bug, how to solve the cross-play error, How to Setup Cross-play Engine Xbox, resolve issues if the site is not working, and more.

You will get a detailed step by step guide to fix aka ms remoteconnect Microsoft login bug in this post.

What is is a website that allows users to play Minecraft games from home comfortably. Also, with the help of aka ms remoteconnect, you can get access to Minecraft and play games with different devices. All Minecraft games run very smoothly on PS4, and Nintendo Switch through aka ms remoteconnect.

But, for playing Minecraft on non-Microsoft devices, you have to create a Microsoft account. You can register on Microsoft free of cost and join the games with the help of the Microsoft account and also play together with other players.

Minecraft games are supported on various devices such as PS4, Windows PC, Mac PC, iOS, Android smartphone, etc. You can use any of these devices to play games. But for that, first, download and install Minecraft on Xbox One or Xbox 360 and sign in Microsoft account to play games. You can play games with your friends and family member who has installed Minecraft games on their Xbox.

How to Fix https // Microsoft Login Bug in Minecraft?

https// Microsoft error fixation process is very easy. You can resolve it by entering the Microsoft Sign-in Code from the Minecraft console screen and get access to Minecraft from another device.

Have you tried code and didn’t fix aka ms remote connect bug? Don’t worry!! We know many people have tried the codes and also free DLC’s but not get access. So, now we will tell you how you have to use it well.

There are three ways to resolve the error https// aka ms remoteconnect sign in Minecraft Error:

1. Enter the Microsoft Sign in Code from Minecraft

Microsoft error code only can be seen when you use PS4 accounts. If you are using a brand new Microsoft account then it will be difficult to access Minecraft games. And you will also get the Microsoft sign-in error code. So, in that case, you have to do a couple of tries for accessing the game. This method is known as the Brute force method.

Following are the steps to enter code:

  • First of all, go to the official Microsoft Code access webpage.
  • After that, open the Microsoft login error display.
  • Then, you will see a code on your device screen. Note down it.
  • Enter this code in the Microsoft webpage on another device on which you want to play Minecraft.
  • You can also get Microsoft to sign in coupon codes from some third-party websites.
  • After entering the code successfully, you will be able to access Microsoft and also visit the Minecraft store.

2. Delete All the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Data

Minecraft saved & corrupted games data deleting process is very easy and quick. Follow the below steps to delete:

  • First of all, open Minecraft.
  • Now, find the settings option and click on that.
  • You will see many options there. You have to click on the system settings option.
  • Then, click on the storage option.
  • Minecraft stores files in-game storage folder. So, to access Minecraft files click on the “Game Storage.”
  • Then, select the two-game data files and click on the remove/delete button and restart your device.

3. Make a New Free Microsoft Account

If you facing https // problem on switching device, then mostly chance is that Microsoft account can be the reason for it. Your Microsoft account which you were using on your Xbox can be issued with the PS4. So, you have to create a new account to fix the bug.

Additional Tips:

  • You also can use the remote access feature for resolving https aka. ms remote connect error.
  • If you are playing in Minecraft Ps4 Bedrock Edition. Then, you also can fix the remoteconnect Sign in bug through Minecraft Texture packs. You can download it from the Minecraft store.

How to Use the Xbox Mobile App to Setup Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox One?

This is a very easy process. You will need to enter the code of your Minecraft console screen to setup Microsoft remote connect on Xbox One through Xbox Mobile App.

Following is the process to set up a Microsoft remoteconnect account on Xbox One:

Microsoft Account Login
  • It will take you to the page where you have to enter a code that will allow the app to access your Microsoft account.
  • Now, log in to your free Microsoft account to get the code.
  • After that, copy the code from Minecraft.
  • And paste it on the Microsoft enter code webpage.

How to Setup Cross-play Engine Xbox?

The cross-play engine enables you to play Minecraft game with other Minecraft players from different devices. For example, you are a user of Xbox and want to play with a PS4 player. So, in that situation, cross-play allows your Xbox to play with different device users. For this, all of the players must be logged in with their Microsoft account.

Following is the step-by-step guide to setup cross-play engine Xbox:

  • Click on the Xbox button on your controller.
Aka ms remoteconnect cross platform
  • After that, click on the Settings option.
  • Then, go to the account section and click on the “Account Privacy and Online Safety” option.
  • And select Xbox Live Privacy.
  • Then, click on the custom. In that, select View Details and Customize > Communication & Multiplayer.
  • Click on the “Communication Outside of Xbox Live” to enable it.

How to Setup Minecraft Cross-Play on Your PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

Following are the steps to setup Minecraft cross-play on your ps4 or Nintendo switch:

  • Go to the Nintendo shop from your PS4 game console or Sony PlayStation store.
Minecraft game download
  • Then, search “Minecraft” and click on the download Minecraft for Switch for Nintendo switch. And for PS4, search “Minecraft PS4” and click on the download Minecraft for PS4 app.
  • Now, you will need a Microsoft account. If you don’t already have then register for a Microsoft account.
  • Then, open the minecraft and click on the option of sign in.
  • It will take you to the login page of the remote connection.
  • There, you will see an eight-digit activation code. Note down it. It will be required to activate your account on the aka ms remote connect website.
  • Now, visit the official website of the
  • Then, you will need to enter the activation code.
  • After that, click on the “Next” button and follow all the instructions displaying on your device screen to complete the process. FAQs (People Also Ask)

What is Https// Error? remoteconnect error is a bug that is mainly occurring on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. Minecraft players who are trying to play the game for the first time after switching device, by using the Microsoft user account. Due to this error, you will be not able to access Minecraft or cross-play using the Microsoft account.

What Can Causes of the remoteconnect sign in problem?

There are many reasons for the aka ms remoteconnects problem. Following are some of them:

  • Microsoft saved and corrupt game data.
  • Device Change

How do I link my Microsoft account to Minecraft?

Following is the process to link a Microsoft account to minecraft:

  • First of all, log in to your Microsoft account.
  • You will see an activation code. Write it down.
  • After that, go to using another device (phone, tablet, pc, or laptop).
  • Enter that code in the given box.
  • After that, click on the “Sign in” button.
  • Then, your account will be connected with Minecraft.

Why is my Minecraft Microsoft account not working?

Are you facing issues accessing your Minecraft Microsoft account? Don’t worry!! we are here to help you. The issue is occurring due to a bug that is reported in the Bedrock version which was released for the PS4 devices.

Following are the things which you can try to fix the problem:

1. Make sure that your Microsoft account has a Gamertag. If not, then you can get it by logging in to or the Xbox app. And reinstall Minecraft on your PS4 game console.

2. You also can try to fix aka ms remoteconnect error by downloading a free texture pack from the in-game Microsoft store. After downloading, open, and activate it. It would be helpful to force login in.

Why can I not sign into my Minecraft account?

If you are getting a “Login failed. Invalid username or password” error while logging in to your Minecraft account. Then, which login credentials you are using that is incorrect. So, try to login with the correct login information. If you have forgotten your password, then you can recover or reset it

If you are getting a notification of a technical error while logging in to your account. In that case, contact the technical customer service team of Minecraft. For contact details, go to the technical help resources page.

How to Find friends using their Microsoft account in Minecraft?

Following are the steps to find friends or family members using a Microsoft account in Minecraft:

  • First of all, start the minecraft game.
  • Then, go to the “Friends” tab and click on the “Add Friends” option.
  • Now, you will see a box to enter the Microsoft Gamertag of your friend with whom you want to play. Then, you will be able to find and play with them.

Final Words

https// error is only reporting in the in on the Bedrock version on PS4 game consoles. As Minecraft Bedrock Edition having some interesting features but also this type of bugs. We know this is very annoying. But you can fix it by following our error resolve guide.

Many devices support Minecraft games such as PS4, Windows PC, Mac PC, iOS, Android smartphone, and some options also available. So, you can enjoy Minecraft on any device in which you feel comfortable. There is an option of cross-play which allows you to play with your friends and family.

We hope our article will be helpful to you. We have shared everything related to aka ms remoteconnect error, reasons for the bug, how to fix it, how to setup cross-play in Xbox one, and many more. Still, if you have any queries related to, let us know through comment.

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