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Bank Of America Credit Card Activation

How to activate the Bank of America Card? If you’re searching for the method, then here are the complete details for Bank of America Card Activation.

There are three options I’ve mentioned in this article to complete activating the Bank of America Card Activation. First, you can do it online, second is over the phone at 1-800-276-9939 and the third option is to activate by ATM.


When you receive the Bank of America Card the first thing you need to do is activating it. There are many advantages that you can enjoy after activating the Bank of America Card.

Therefore, you must read the article attentively and follow the instructions in the various ways to successfully finish this BOA Card activation procedure. If you’re looking to confirm your Amex card, go through this article.

Ways For Bank Of America Credit Card Activation

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation permits their customers to choose from a variety of ways that are most suitable for customers.

To activate the Bank Of America Credit Card there are options for assistance. Now, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the methods available.

Bank of America Card Activation Online

Read the following procedure to activate the BOA card online. Follow the steps given. Make sure you have a device that has internet connectivity to complete the process.

Bank Of America Credit Card

  • First, click here secure.bankofamerica.com to enter the official website.
  • Click on the sign-in option into Online Banking and provide your Online ID and Passcode and click “Sign In”.
  • If you don’t have yet an account, then click “Enroll in Online Banking” and sign up for an account. you will receive an online ID as well as a Passcode. then sign in.
  • Then, choose the option for Card Activation in the Profile menu.
  • Then, enter your card information and make sure you submit it.
  • It will then be successfully activated.

Activate Bank of America Card Over Phone Call

To make this call you will require your mobile number registered with BOA to make a phone call. After that, follow the mentioned steps to activate your BOA Cards.

  • Call 800-276-9939 using your mobile number.
  • Pay attention and choose the language you prefer.
  • Now, enter your card number and your personal details.
  • Then, follow the instructions carefully and follow the steps to complete the task.
  • Then, you’ve successfully activated your credit card.

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation Through The ATM

This is the most straightforward method to activate your Bank of America Card. You must locate the nearest Bank of America ATM to complete the procedure.

  • Then, go to the BOA ATM located nearby.
  • You can swipe your Credit Card inside it.
  • Select the next option to activate the card. Activation.
  • Input the details of your credit card and follow the steps.
  • Once you have completed the process, you will receive a confirmation that your credit card is activated

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This article can help you understand this Bank of America Card activation process. Explore the three methods on activating your Bank of America Card. Follow the steps detailed and then complete the procedure effectively to activate your bank card.

If you encounter any issues when activating your card, or you would like to express your opinion, make use of the comment box to express your opinion. Visit the website Employeebenefit.onl for regular updates.


How do I activate my Bank of America card?

  1. Online – Go to the Bank of America debit card website and choose to Activate My Card.
  2. To call a number – If you want to call from within in the United States, call 1-866-692-9374 or 1-866-656-5913 (TTY).

How do I activate my new debit card?

You can activate your new card in an ATM, by making a withdrawal or deposit. Find an ATM near your bank. Insert the card, and enter your PIN number, and make use of the new debit card to make a payment or withdraw. The transaction will be activated on the new card.

How do I activate my card online?

To make sure your card is activated on the internet, go to the website which is located in a label that is attached to the card or inside the information pack you received along with it. Input the details the site asks you to provide about the credit card, and then select “submit.”

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