Stroudsburg Parent Portal

Stroudsburg Parent Portal is an online portal that enables parents/guardians of Stroudsburg Area School District students to access their child’s grades, attendance records, and upcoming events from school or any device with internet access. In addition, the portal allows parents/guardians to communicate with teachers, make online donations to the school district, and access online resources from their child’s school.

About Stroudsburg Area School District

Stroudsburg School District Parent Portal

The Stroudsburg Area School District (SASD) is the school district for the borough of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The district operates four schools: Gateway Elementary School, Silver Lake Intermediate School, Eastern Monroe Middle School, and Eastern Monroe High School. The district is one of the 500 public school districts that make up the state of Pennsylvania.

It was founded in 1934 when several small independent school districts merged to create one educational entity for the Boroughs of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Pocono, and Hamilton Township. Currently, the District serves more than 3,600 students. The District covers an area of approximately 17 square miles, including the Boroughs of Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, and Hamilton Township.

Stroudsburg Parent Portal

The Stroudsburg parent portal is available for parents, guardians, and family members of Students of Stroudsburg Area School District to access the student record. The gateway into the student’s complete school year information can be accomplished through this online platform.

Resources are provided to authorized users for proper use of this valuable tool. A single login account will give the user access to several site functions, including daily announcements, assignments, assessments scores, grades, attendance records, and more.

Stroudsburg Parent Portal Login

Benefits of Parent Portal Stroudsburg

There are several benefits of having the Stroud Sburg Parent Portal login account. Those are listed below:

  • Access to the enrollment packet
  • View grades
  • View Curriculum
  • View class schedules
  • View daily announcements and assignments
  • Access to a contact list for individual teachers.
  • Ability to communicate with teachers through its messaging system.
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You may also check:

Stroudsburg Parent Portal Login Requirements

  • Stroudsburg Parent Portal Login web address.
  • Stroudsburg School District Parent Portal valid Username and Password.
  • Internet browser
  • Laptop or PC or Smartphone or Tablet with Reliable internet access.

How to Login into Stroudsburg Parent Portal?

Following is the step by step process to log in to the Stroudsburg Parent Portal account:

Stroud sburg Parent Portal login
  • Now, enter your Stroudsburg Area School District username and password.
  • Click the “Login” button to access your Stroudsburg parent web portal login account.

How to Reset Stroud Sburg Parent Portal Login Password?

Have you forgotten your Stroudsburg Area School District Parent Portal login password? If yes, then follow the process to reset the password quickly:

  • Visit the Stroudsburg Parent Portal official website at
  • Then, click the “Forgot your password?” link.
  • It will take you to the Sapphire Community Portal Stroudsburg Password Recovery webpage.
Stroudsburg School District Parent Portal login password reset
  • Now, enter your Parent Portal Stroudsburg username, email and click the “Continue” button.
  • You will receive an email on the recovery process. Follow the instruction to reset your Sapphire Parent Portal Stroudsburg password.

Note: If you cannot reset your Stroudsburg Parent Portal login password, then contact the administration department of Stroudsburg Area School District immediately.

Stroudsburg Area School District Contact Information

If you have any queries or facing problems while logging into your Stroudsburg Parent Portal account, please contact Stroudsburg Area School District customer service at (570) 421-1990.

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Stroudsburg Area School District Social Handles

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