TD Bank Card Activation | How do I activate my new TD Credit Card

TD Bank Card Activation | How do I activate my new TD Credit Card

You have recently received your TD Bank Card. Now you are looking for the TD Bank Card Activation process. This article contains all you need to Activate TD Bank Card.

Here are two ways you can activate your TD Bank Card. Online and over phone call Follow these steps to activate your card.

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You will learn all about How to Activate TD Bank Card by reading this article. Enjoy many benefits that will improve your day.

TD Bank Card Activation Online

You can find the steps to activate your TD Bank card by following these steps. Follow the steps to activate the card.

td bank card activation

  • First, click here to enter the official website.
  • In the provided space, enter your Username & Password.
  • After entering all details, press the “LOGIN” button.
  • From your profile menu, select the Card Activation Option.
  • Enter your Card number carefully.
  • Complete the procedure and your card is activated.

Activate TD Bank Card Via Phone Call

You will need your registered Mobile Number in order to make a phone call. Next, follow the instructions to Activate TD Bank Credit Card.

td bank card activation

  • Enter the following number from your registered mobile number.
  • If you’re from North America Region dial: 18000-983-8472
  • If you’re from another area, dial: 1 (416) 307-7222
  • Now listen carefully, and then choose the language you prefer.
  • Select the card activation option.
  • Now, carefully enter your card number.
  • Follow the steps and complete the procedure.
  • You will receive your card activation code.


This article will help you to easily Activate TD Bank Card. Here are two ways to activate your TD Bank Card. Follow these steps to activate your card.

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